FWW – Story # 1

First Wizarding War (1970-1981)


“Mum, where’s Papa? Why int he home yet? He had to read me story.”, Bill asked his mother who was tucking him and his little brother in bed.
“Oh sweetie. Papas probably very busy at work. He can’t read to you today. But tell me which book you wanted him to read and I’ll read it for my little darling “, Molly said, bending down and kissing his forehead.
Young Bill frowned his cute little frown and said, “But it didn’t say work.”
“what?”, Molly asked, confused as to what her child was referring to.
“The clock. Papas finger wasn’t on work.”
Molly paused for a second and then relaxed. “Oh then it must be on *travelling* then. That means he is on his way home.”
” No? What do you mean no?”
“it was on.. mm..mmurtal per.. pereel. Murtal pereel!”, Bill told her, struggling with pronouncing the strange words.
Molly froze, fear etched on her face.
“Mum? Mum? Whats mur.. murtal pereel?”
Molly gazed at him for a second, wide-eyed, not seeing him before turning away and hurryingly quickly out of the door without a word.
“MUM! “, Bill called after the quickly retreating figure of his mother.
He squirmed out of his bed, grabbed his favorite book from the shelf and followed his mother downstairs in his pajamas. Searching around, he found her staring at the clock, her body trembling and eyes wide, wand clutched in hand.

Molly was terrified. So much so that she didn’t feel her robes being tugged by her eldest son until he shouted ‘MUM’ with an extra hard tug. She looked down and saw her 4 year old looking at her with his beautiful brown eyes , Arthurs eyes, impatient to speak. She drew a breath and tried to calm herself. She had to be strong. Arthur was going to be okay. He had to be okay. Still she couldn’t help looking back at the clock, hoping that the finger had turned to *travelling*, but there was no such luck. She turned to her elder son, picked him up and seated herself on the sofa opposite the clock so she could keep an eye on it.
“What is it? “, Molly asked , glancing at the clock once more.
“You had to read me story.” , he said, handing her the book.
“Only if you promise to go to sleep right after.”
” Lie down here and put your head on my lap ” , she instructed, patting the sofa. She glanced at the clock once more, bit her lip, shook her head and started reading.
Molly: ” The Wizard and the Hopping Pot
‘There was once a kindly old wizard who used his magic generously and wisely for the benefit of his neighbors. Rather than reveal the true source of his power, he pretended that his potions, charms and antidotes sprang ready-made from the little cauldron he called his lucky cooking pot. From miles around people came to him with their troubles, and the wizard was pleased to give his pot a stir and put things right. This well-beloved wizard lived to a goodly age, then died, leaving all his chattels to his only son. This son was of a very different disposition to his gentle father. Those who could not work magic were, to the son’s mind, worthless, and he had often quarreled with his father’s habit of dispensing magical aid to their neighbors.’ ”
Bill snuggled deeper, his eyes heavy lidded with sleep but his curiosity forcing them to remain open or try too. Molly glanced at the clock again. There was still no change. The dread that she had tried to keep at bay so long , started to resurface. She gulped, took a deep breath, and continued with the story.
” ‘Upon the father’s death, the son found hidden inside the old cooking pot a small package bearing his name. He opened it, hoping for gold, but found instead a soft, thick slipper, much too small to wear, and with no pair. A fragment of parchment within the slipper bore the words “In the fond hope, my son, that you will never need it.” The son cursed his father’s age-softened mind, then threw the slipper back into the cauldron, resolving to use it henceforth as a rubbish pail. That very night a peasant woman knocked on the front door. “My granddaughter is afflicted by a crop of warts, sir,” she told him. “Your father used to mix a special poultice in that old cooking pot –” “Begone!” cried the son. “What care I for your brat’s warts?” ‘ ”
Molly heard a slight snore. She looked down to see her son fast asleep. She brushed the hair from his forehead, lifted his head from her lap, got up, placed his head gently on a cushion, and covered him up.
She looked back at the clock, her dread building up, went out to check for any sign for her husbands return, came back in, paced around, went up to check on Charlie but rushed back down, not wanting to take her eyes off of from the clock. She finally picked up some knitting and seated herself , trying to keep herself busy and the negative thoughts at bay. She would occasionally glance up at the clock or check outside, her ears strained for any noise of him apparating back, but all was quiet.
She was starting to panic and thinking of floo-calling someone – anyone for details or updates when she heard a loud crack and a moment later, knocking on the door. She jumped up, rushing to the door and flinging it wide open to find Arthur supporting a wounded man. She gazed in alarm at the half burnt woman, and hurried to make space on another sofa. On close inspection, Molly recognized him as Auror Joseph .
Amelia : ” so sorry Molly for the inconvenience… “, she grimaced as Arthur lay her down gently on the sofa.
“Oh shush Joseph. Its not a problem.”, Molly said as she bent down and started healing the injuries. She had shot a questioning glance at Arthur but he had shook his head and left them, limping towards his room, giving them privacy.
By the time Molly was done, Amelia had fallen into an uncomfortable sleep. She covered her up, bolted the door, snuffed out the lights and tiptoed towards her room.
Arthur was relaxing on the bed, looking so weary, it pained her to see her once so energetic husband like this. She sat down beside him and for a moment they sat in silence holding hands.
Arthur: “It was those damned Death Eaters again. Joseph, I and a few other ministry workers were working together on a project when we heard urgent summons for help but most of the Aurors were out on work. We went with Rufus and …Molly “,he shuddered, “..Molly it was a massacre! So many muggles dead on the ground and those maniacs! They were prancing around everywhere, shooting skulls out of their wands, killing and maiming everyone on their way. It was horrible Molly. I don’t know what the muggles are going to think of this one. Blood, bodies, collapsing building everywhere! So much so that there wasn’t any solid ground to walk on!”, Arthur trembled and Molly rubbed his back trying to calm him down while at the same moment feeling both angry and horrified.
Arthur continued. ” There were only a few of them but they had wrecked utter havoc. We engaged them in a fight but it was a hard-won victory, hardly a victory.” He rubbed his eyes, hoping to erase the horrific visions from his mind.
” Zephania and Elisa.. they were killed. You wouldn’t know them, they were Rufus’ colleagues, fresh Aurors, my juniors and I, I couldn’t protect them. I couldn’t protect them Molly! “, he wailed, great sobs wracking his body.
“I couldn’t protect them.” Molly felt helpless. She had never seen Arthur like this.
They had just gotten married Molly! 3 months ago. I remember. They were so happy. Just yesterday Elisa told me she was expecting a child. “, tears streaked down Arthurs face as he recounted all the grim details. He didn’t want to, but Molly had to know, everyone had to know.
“I’m going to kill them, Molly ! For Elisa, for Zephania, for everyone whose died in these idiotic killings, be it muggles or wizards. Its no small thing anymore. Their numbers are growing and their attacks are increasing. No ones safe. Not wizards, not muggles. Who knows what they’re going to do next. We have to be prepared. Dumbledore sent us all a message. We are to group together and fight back before they gain momentum. Its war now.”

A Furry Little Problem

Lily : hi. Wanna go out for a walk. Its a full moon. Everything looks so beautiful

James : as much as id love to, i cant, im really sorry love.

Lily : … i didnt say we go out without remus.

James gave her an alarmed quizzical glance

Lily : and i suppose peter and sirius will be there too, wont they?

All 3 marauders froze.

Lily : well then? Am i coming along or what?

Sirius : exactly how much do you know lily?

Lily : oh all i know is that on every full moon remus falls *ill* and dissapears, you three seem to be even more excited with remus not there planning outings or ehatever, and every night of the fill moon you three sneak out at night, and everytime you do the fat lady is complaining , in fact she was just talking to me about it a few days ago and how annoyed she was with your monthly *nighttime wanderings* .

James: so you know about remus’s furry little problem?

Lily : Oh is that what you call it? Nice name. Yes i do know. Ive known for a long time. Ever since we studied about wereeolves in class actually but i wanted to keep remus’s privacy so i didnt say anything.

James : but you still cant come

Lily : why? Why not?

James : because its dangerous for you

Lily: and it isnt for you?

Sirius: no it isnt actually. We take certain… precautions.

Lily : like what? Tell me. Dont you trust me by now?

James: remus wouldnt like it lily. Please. Dont ask this of us. Youd be risking your life.

Lily: fine. I wont come today on one condition.

Sirius: name it and its done

Lily : you tell me what precaution you take against remus’ furry little problem?

The boys glanced uneasily at each other. Finally

James: you promise you wont tell anyone? Not even sniv-snape?

Lily: stop calling him that. Besides i stopped talking to him months ago. And no i wont tell anyone. I kept remus’ secret , didnt i?

James nodded and whispered something into her ear. She turned and looked at them all in surprise.

Lily: All of you?!

Sirius nodded.

James: remus would be waiting. Lets go. Night lily.

Sirius / peter : Night .

Lily waved them goodbye that night.

Next year , on the first full moon since school started , a doe joined the prowling group of stag dog wolf and rat in the Forbidden Forest.

Lily and the Marauders Map

Lily walking into the common room late at night and seeing the boys clustered around the hearth muttering something.

Lily : “Hi guys . Whats up? “

All of them look up guiltily.
Sirius mutters something under his breath tapping a parchment

James : “hi lily . We uhhh .. were just practicing some magic. Nothing much.”

Lily: “oh. Lets see then..”

All of them immediately get up.
Sirius shoves the parchment into his pocket. Peter and remus bend down to pick up some other parchments and quickly stuff them in the bag.

James: “no no.. its nothing.. just a fail . You should goto sleep.”

Lily raised her eyebrows.
Lily : “you failed at a spell? Oh well i get that , you are pretty dumbheaded after all but i dont expect remus  to fail at any spell.”
She smiles charmingly at remus.
Lily : “can’t you just show me a sneak peek?”

Remus :” uhhh” ( looks at james helplessly while sirius tries to tiptoe away )

“oh well” lily sighs in defeat, picking up her bag , “im going to sleep, you people should too”

All four sigh in obvious relief.

James , smiling brightly : “of course we were just going.”

Sirius :” see u later, lily . “

Lily started towards the girls dormitory. Suddenly she turned back towards the group of boys who were silently thanking God for their narrow escape, pointed her wand at sirius and shouted * Accio parchment *

As the map zoomed out of sirius pocket and into her hands , the boys gazed dumbfounded for a split second before giving chase to her.

Well it was mostly sirius and james doing the chasing, remus had sighed and sat down in defeat while peter was watching the amusing by play.
Lily had ran partly up the girls staircase and sirius managed to climb halfway after her, before the stairs became a slide, and he went tumbling down into james , who was gazing helpless up at lily.

Lily turning the parchment over her hand and was surprised.
Lily : “what is this? Its blank”

Sirius (eagerly) :” yes yes. Its blank. We told you its a fail. It didnt work. Now can you give it back.”

Lily: “what if i tap it with my wand like you were doing it. “
She raises her wand, and everyone flees.. or tries too.
“Hold it right there boys . You too peter. I want you all here.”

The boys stand stock still .
She taps on the parchment saying *revelio*
Immediately writing starts appearing and she reads it out loud

*Messrs Moony Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs would like to invite Ms Evans into their humble abode, but are highly dissapointed in Ms Evans and take it as an insult to their intelligence  if she thinks such a  simple spell could ever work on this master piece .*

Lily : “huh” – she glares at the four boys from above the parchment  who are all very interested in something on the floor it seems

*Mr Moony would like to add that he did not expect this of such a bright and vivacious girl who he also thinks is an amazing witch. Mr moony hopes that Ms Evans would give a bit more thought to this parchment then such a simple revealing charm.*

Remus’s face palm cracked throughout the room, surprising Lily who looked up to see remus hurrying away towards the boys dormitory his hands covering his face.

Lily : “is mr moony remus by any chance?” ( she asks the boys )

Sirius and james shrug still looking away from her but peter gives a slight nod before realising his mistake , covering his mouth and shaking his head in denial.

Lily : “i seeee”
(She continues reading out aloud)

*Mr Wormtail would like to say that Ms Evans is the prettiest red head hes ever seen, even though he never expected red heads to be pretty, and would like to thank her for being so very kind to him*

She looks up from the parchment to  see Peter scurrying away in Remus’s wake .

Lily : ” that was very sweet peter. Thank you ! ” she yelled at his retreating back , which seemed to slouch even more before dissapearing away hurriedly.
Meanwhile sirius and james were exchanging secretive glances before turning to look at lily with all expressions wiped clean

Lily: “lets see what you guys have to say.”

For those observing closely, a slight pink tinge could be seen on james cheek however his expression was just as blank as Sirius

(She continues reading out aloud)
*Mr Padfoot is gravely upset that Ms Evans didnt realise that simple charms like these dont work on genius minds like him. Mr Padfoot also agrees wholeheartedly with Mr Moony and  Wormtail and would like to tell Ms Evans she is very fun to hang around with and would she please give more time to such an amazing piece of work. He also wishes Mr Prong the bestest of luck and sincerely hopes he survives! *

Lily looks over the parchment to find both boys staring at her as if they had no idea who in the world Mr prongs or padfoot could be.

Lily : ” out with it, you two. Whos Padfoot , whos prongs? “

James : (talking as if lily wasnt there reading out from his part-invention) “you know  sirius , this paper is too talkative.”
Sirius : “yeah look at its gall.”
James : “its also very full of itself.”

(She continues reading out aloud)

*Messrs Padfoot and Prongs would like to remind Messrs Padfoot and Prongs that they were the ones who made this little wonder and that they too are quite full of themselves*

lily: ” Haha . It got you right on the spot ” ( with tears of mirth in her eyes  )

James and sirius glared at the map speechless.

Lily :
(She continues reading out aloud)

* Mr Prongs would like to tell the beautiful Ms Evans that she is the prettiest girl in school and would she like to go out with him? *

James was blushing a deep red and seemed to be sinking on the spot while sirius was watching him with an amused expression.

Lily : ” is that all you have to say Mr Prongs ? “
James shuffled his feet , still looking down .

Lily: ” Oh well. ” she muttered something and tapped the parchment.
         ” Here you go “, she said, throwing the parchment towards james.
         ” This is a really ingenious piece of work. Let me have it next time so i can crack its code. ‘Night. “
And she headed into the girls dormitory, her back shaking with suppressed laughter.

James plopped down on the sofa , opened the parchment and bolt straight up, looking at it in disbelief.

There on the blank parchment was written

* Ms Evans asks Mr Prongs , would Friday evening do? *

They said they’d remember.

So I was writing down a list of 6 word stories, so that I could choose one, for some competition and this is what I had submitted :

They said they’d remember. They forgot.

The next day, after submission of the story, I came up with this:

I lie here. ..Waiting.
Waiting for them to come.
They had said they loved me as they dug my grave. They cried nonstop at my funeral prayer. They wrote heartfelt eulogies and obituaries. They piled flowers upon flowers on my grave.
Then they left, one by one, promising to visit me. Telling me they’d miss me. That life would be incomplete without me.
As time wore on and life continued, for them at least, I waited patiently for someone to come. For someone to tell me that I was still missed.  For someone To replace the flowers that had long since withered away. For someone to visit and just talk to me.. like old times.
They said they’d come.

They said they’d remember.
They forgot.

A Choice Between Two Worlds

Sometimes you wonder which world you should live in – the one created by your own mind or the one that everyone lives in? For the one created by your own mind is not only pleasant, in terms of the fact that things are going your way, but is also where the near impossible is possible.
Or should you live in the *real* world, where, even though things do not always go according to plan, there is always that bend in the road – the element of mystery and surprise and the pleasures of this real world which sometimes surpass that of your imagination.
When you concoct up near impossible turn of events and possibilities in your own mind but that part of you, which is rooted down in the *real* world tells you bluntly that there is a slim chance of those things actually happening , that you are expecting too much and that your expectations will ultimately lead to heartache, so stop daydreaming and be practical.
The part of you that is rooted in your own created world ponders upon that, then brushes it aside saying,
“Yes I know that. Which also means that I can never experience the thrill of emotions caused by this particular turn of events, and so, if its not going to happen in the real world, at least you could satisfy yourself and your emotional sensations in your imagination! You can still experience the event even though its not really going to happen! Why deny yourself the pleasure? If you knos that these events have a slim possibility of occuring in the real world then its not really *expecting*, is it?  And hence, it CANNOT lead you to heartache…. maybe a twinge of regret … but not heartache.”
Hence, you become a conflicted being, living half of your life in reality and the other half in your imagination, with both sides constantly warring against each other – the *real* self trying to protect you through age-old experiences, while the *imaginary* self trying to enjoy life to the fullest.
They battle against each other, sometimes winning, sometimes losing and sometimes reaching to an agreement.
They are the two little voices inside of you – one lodged in the heart, the other in the brain and so its not only Imagination vs Reality,  but Passions vs Experience,  Heart vs Mind, Emotions vs Intellect… and the list goes on.
You live a half-and-half life, and maybe, thats for the best, because if you lived solely in the *real* world, you would miss out on many of the pleasures and unexplored territories provided by Imagination andvice versa. And if you lived solely in your own world, then you would be living a dream and a lie, meaning you are not living at all.
Though personally I love to live in a world of my own making- staring off into space in the middle of something, concocting up the wildest of things and living in the moment, experiencing the love, hate, anger and joy coursing through my heart and creating my own sequence of events, I realise that living in the real world is also necessary, because it provides a solid ground for you to stand on. You cannot stay airborne all the time,  with your head in the clouds, and so it allows you to expand your inner and actual self and show it to all the people around you, to actually make the impossible-possible, to make your dreams and fantasies come true.
Far out on the distant horizon you can see the land meeting the sky, they both signify your two halves, telling you that even though the land and the sky may seem infinitely apart, there is a point where the two meet, and that if you strive hard enough you too can unite your world with the real world, making your imagination become a reality.


Found this in a notebook I used to carry in grade 10..have copied it exactly as it was, cut outs and all except the addition of italicized bracket which I have added to provide more detail…

The smile – the laugh, how wonderful is it?! It does not just make one hap the person happy but everyone happy.
Recently I have noticed that recently I have been smiling a lot. Ama And there are these small movem moments that have just, like been recorded in my brain.
For example today, I was drinking had just got a juice from the school. I was drinking it in our b block period ( we were enjoying a free block so there was nothing wrong in me drinking a juice in class ) . Well, you know, j juices, they tend to have an annoying habit of finishing very quickly. Well, I was just shaking the juice box, to hear if any juice was left when my teachers voice came from the front “Khatam ho gaya” (It’s finished) and I looked up to see her smiling, then I burst out laughing (silently).
Then today ( at school ) again
It was It was our Staff Appreciation Day and we had attached pockets outside our class with our teachers name so that everyone could drop a compliment.
In the our snack time I wrote a compliment for one of my teachers. In the last block while I was giving an Urd that teacher came, took out the compliments and started reading them there only. Meanwhile I was giving my Urdu test when from the corner of my eye I saw that teacher lean sideways and look through the (classroom) windows,  and for that one tiny microsecond that our eyes met and I saw my compliment in her hand I turned my head fast away (blushing, smiling and embrassed) . My friend sitting beside me, who had also caught the teacher looking at me, gave me a look with (which) said : “What did you write?”

Found this in my Notes

I raise my eyes and look ahead and only see more obstacles. Seeing those thorns illuminated by the fiery glow of sunset, I feel as if I am seeing a lifetime of pain and agony. I can not take it anymore , I can not do it anymore. My fears have overtaken me and I can not stand any longer. Too wounded to continue , I huddle in a corner.

How long was I supposed to stand ? I am human after all. I tried to but now I can’t, I have fallen in too deep.

I look up again and see, a hand outstretched towards me.